Johnny Hates Jazz - "Heart of Gold" (1988)

To all the Johnny Hates Jazz fans and everyone with a different opinion: I'm sorry for bashing the other Johnny Hates Jazz video. David Fincher and the band have definitely made up for that. With their video for "Heart of Gold".

The video was released two months prior to "Shattered Dreams" (the US-release), in February 1988, but the single didn't do quite as well as "Shattered Dreams". David Fincher's work on this one, I really love: From the concept it looks like the camera was panning through an empty room in one shot, and had slices of other takes inserted into it in post-production. I haven't figured out how Fincher achieved the effect, but it looks as if he tried to imitade a motion-control camera.

Also, the video somewhat reflects the look of David Fincher's work for Bourgeois Tagg ("I don't mind at all", 1987), which -- probably not coincidentally -- he shot right before this one.

I really like this. Hope you do too:

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  1. Wow, never seen this effect before. In my book this has to be Fincher´s coolest 80s Video!