Nike - "Referee"

Nothing I love so much as collaborative effort: Thanks to Shannon for pointing me to two fantastic David Fincher commercials from the mid-1990's Nike "Referee" campaign. This puts us to a total of three clips from this cult ad-series. And what's great? -- Supposedly there are many more of these! Maybe you can jump in and help bring them all together?

The series had Dennis Hopper play the crazy referee Stanley, who was so psyched about football, he would go around, sneaking into the locker-rooms of famous players, stealing or sometimes just smelling on their shoes. Wicked. The ad with Sterling Sharpe is rumored to be the best of this series -- unfortunately it seems unfindable.

While the outdoor clips (in the diner and in the locker-room) are great and hilariously disturbing, I really love the studio shoot with Stanley's fanatic football propaganda speech. It's so well performed, perfectly edited. Love it.

Alright, so if anyone knows of more clips from this series, thanks for pointing me to it! -- Enjoy:

STANLEY ("Stanley" starts at 2:00)




  1. this blog is always amazing to read.

    thanks for the update both shannon and fincherfanatic.

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