Evil David Fincher

Gotta read this: I discovered this article a few days ago. It was published way back on May 1st 2004 and consists of somewhat of a set-report on visual effects people working with David Fincher. And as you can guess it is very interesting and insightful, what some of them have to say ...

Of course you will have to read the article to get the point of the headline. But to make things super-short this time ...

Here's the article:

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  1. I think Fincher is the closest we'll ever get of having a new Kubrick, with all the qualities and all the flaws (if being "evil" counts).

    His body of work proves that he is a director constantly evolving, and even thought I'm already convinced and think that he is one (if not THE) of the most talented directors in the business, he probably has a lot on his plate for the future.

    We are the ones to benefit from...