Editors Guild - Two Articles on "Zodiac"

Not much to say about this one: Thanks to Thiago for pointing out two wonderful articles in Editors Guild Magazine! A feature story about Zodiac editor Angus Wall and his assistants ... and an interview with the mastermind behind the film -- director David Fincher.

The Angus Wall interview tends to get a bit technical at times, but provides super-valuable info for everyone, who longs to learn more about the digital filmmaking process and workflow that David Fincher and "Zodiac" have pioneered for blockbuster-filmmaking. Wall also talks about his work with David Fincher and the special demands of the film's narrative.

As usual, in his interview, David Fincher has some very interesting things to say, ranging from the creative process of streamlining Zodiac's story, the chances and meaning of digital-filmmaking, his choice of Angus Wall as the editor of the film and their daily collaborations.

Great stuff. Read here:

David Fincher on Digital Filmmaking and "Zodiac"

Angus Wall on the Cusp of filmmaking's future


  1. always a pleasure!

  2. Guys, thank you both for the links. Wonderful read.

  3. mikez, you're welcome. always nice to hear that the fincher fan community is growing (or maybe is bigger than we think).

    the next step for us, is to "demand" a teaser, or at least a pic for TCCOBB.

    fincher is killing us, keeping us in the dark like that.


    ps: the real great character in all of this, is the guy that runs this site, he is the one that fired up our fandom all over again. aleluiah to FINCHERFANATIC!