Johnny Hates Jazz - "Shattered Dreams" (1988)

I have surfaced another David Fincher music video from the late 1980s and was surprised that I actually knew that song! I had never consciously remembered the band's name. I didn't find out that much about the band either, other than they really had a friend named "Johnny", who "hated Jazz".

This video was first released and aired in April 1988 and was the second music video that was produced for this song after an initial UK-version. I am still wondering what the point is about having two different videos for two markets?! Anyhow.

I really don't like this video very much, partly because I don't like the 80's outfits and performances, but also, because I am very much underwhelmed by the effects. At first I was thinking: This cannot be right, this is never a David Fincher video. But there comes a sequences at about two minutes (the chick banging the bathroom walls -- sorry, that sounds much more sexy than it actually is ...), and this sequence is very much Fincher in the choice of angles, the lighting and editing.

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And enjoy this video here:

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  1. the 80's... always making us cry...

    and he was just getting started, at the tender age of 26... haha.

    thanks for finding us these pearls.

  2. First off, I wanted to say God bless you for this incredible fan site! You do an awesome job with everything!
    I definitely agree with you that the effects on this video are pretty cheese ball, but you gotta give him credit for trying with what he had in those days. I think this video is very much Fincher though. The contrast and close ups of the chick are very much his style. The close up of the finger and the water dripping off.....totally Finch.