Jim Uhls on Screenwriting

As true FincherFanatics you all recall his name. But I am pretty certain none of you have ever actually seen him: Jim Uhls adapted Chuck Palahniuks cult-novel to a brilliant screenplay. And talks about the process in this 10 minute interview clip.

For everyone interested in screenwriting there is a new and highly overpriced DVD-series out right now called "The Dialogue" (link), which is a series of interviews with reknown writers, such as Paul Haggis, David Goyer, Scott Rosenberg and "Transformers" scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

Veoh.com hosts 10-minute segments of some of these, and Jim Uhls, who doesn't have an overcrowded list of credits to his name, of course talks about his experience with "Fight Club", how the project came about at Fox 2000 and about a funny development lunch with Laura Ziskin and David Fincher.

If you buy the DVD let me know if it's worth its price!

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  1. he hasn't written that much besides fight club, right? makes me wonder if all that's great about the screenplay comes from the novel? has anybody read both?