Bourgeois Tagg - "I don't Mind At All" (1987)

Masterpiece, anyone? This Bourgeois Tagg video certainly is!
As a matter of fact so much so, it seems that it's concept
has even been recycled by other directors ...

If you have a look at the video by brit-pop duo "Giorgia feat. Ronan Keating" for their single "We've Got Tonight" (which was released in 2003, I believe) to me this looks a great deal like David's original concept.

Bourgeois Tagg's song I like a lot, it's unusally short and I love the video. Here is what the world's leading trust-worthy encyclopedia has to say about it:

"When it was released in the autumn of that year, the band had their biggest hit with its first single, "I Don't Mind At All", a shimmering, melancholy ballad of resignation whose catchy melody, offbeat rhythm, and dramatic use of strings is reminiscent of classic Beatles songs, such as "Yesterday". It peaked near #10 on Billboard's top singles chart, and was a bigger world-wide hit, fueled at least in part by an innovative video that got heavy airplay on MTV, but the follow-up single, "Waiting For the Worm to Turn" (the first single with a lead vocal by Tagg), failed to chart."

Another must see for David Fincher fans.
Here's the link:
(Official UniversalMusicGroup Post)

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