Zodiac Interview with Bangalor Times

The Bangalor Times has just published an interview with David Fincher, talking about his latest creation, Zodiac. A lot of these same questions have been asked and answered in other posts. But what's especially touching, I find, is David Fincher's comment about reenacting the stabbings of Lake Berryessa.

The stabbing scene may be the most shocking scene in the film, and it certainly keeps me in an uncomfortably tight grip every time I see it. And I certainly very much appreciate that David Fincher shows respect for the fact that this really happened, unlike other directors, who have done film-adaptations of real-life cases:

"[Reenacting these stabbings] It's a creepy thing to ask people to do. Every time someone talked about Zodiac, they talked about the stabbing of Berryessa. Cecelia Shepard didn't die for days, and Bryan Hartnell wears those scars to this day. This guy crawled half a mile onto a road, blacking out, to try and get help, and they were bound and stabbed. So, there's a responsibility to that. We didn't want to use Zodiac as a jumping off point. We wanted to try and stay as much to the letter of what Graysmith was talking about, as much as it was verifiable by police reports, and stay away from conjecture."

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