More Zodiac Director's Cut DVD Info

Thanks to Angus for pointing this out to us: IGN has posted some more info about the 2008 Zodiac DVD-release. Check out the link if you want to know what you're buying ...

The DVD will feature a ton of commentary tracks, features and documentary info on the real Zodiac Killer cases. Which will most likely give me the chills just as much as David Fincher's movie did. But here's the best part about the article -- It's reporter Robert Graysmith talking about the master:

"David Fincher doesn't like to be photographed; he doesn't like to be interviewed; and all I did for three months was photograph and interview him...We've got that material, plus a ton of stuff from old police reports to audio interviews to new information that Fincher and his team dug up. I wouldn't be surprised if the DVD were enormous!"

And since no release date has been set, let's hope by 2008 they mean JANUARY FIRST! Thanks Angus. Here's the link:

And just for the heck of it. Here are two reviews of the single-disc release:

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  1. even if they don't mean january 1st, we can always find were they will print the dvds and wait patiently on the outside, almost like if we were about to steal human fat to make soap.