Nike - "Instant Karma"

Did you ever realize, that David Fincher has shot some of his best commercials for NIKE? I know you have been waiting for this one a long time. It is an awesome commercial, a true Fincher classic -- and it's about time I've posted it.

I was actually hoping to find a better version of the clip than youtube and the likes. Every Fincher work, whether it's commercials or music videos, is so incredibly well made, it's just sad to have to watch it in lousy quality. Which is why we all still hope there will be a THE WORKS OF DIRECTOR DAVID FINCHER DVD some day ...

The "Instant Karma" commercial was first published in January of 1992 and the most powerful thing about it, is its choice of music; hence the title. But the editing also, the choice of images, the cinematography, the flying typography ... -- I think I can easily rave about this one for hours; it's just a really great and powerful ad. BUT -- much rather than raving, I'll give you guys a Fincher quote, where he talks about this:

"I'm totally anti-commercialism. I would never do commercials where people hold the product by their head and tell you how great it is, I just wouldn't do that stuff. It's all inference. The Levis commercials I did weren't really about jeans, the Nike commercials weren't about shoes. The 'Instant Karma' spot was some of the better stuff I got offered, and it was never about people going, "Buy this shoe, this shoe will change everything," because I think that's nonsense. Anybody looking outside themselves to make themselves whole is delusional and probably sick." (

If anyone finds a better version, please let me know.
Here's youtube and the likes:

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  1. this is my favorite nike commercial!!! i didnt know david fischer did that as well. thanks for postinG!