Still Waiting For Rama

I was amazed last week to see RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA back on David Fincher's directing slate, due for a 2009 release. Astonishingly there has been no news surrounding this development-doomed project for years -- other than the recent IMDB-update.

"A mysterious object enters the solar system, soon revealing itself to be a gigantic cylinder, spinning quietly through space. Due to the ten-trillion-ton vessel's incredible speed, there is time for only one ship, crewed by an unprepared team, to rendezvous with the seemingly dormant craft before it heads back into the depths of space."

Morgan Freeman's company REVELATIONS ENTERTAINMENT holds the rights to the RAMA trilogy and has been developing the film for almost a decade. Among the most recent news-items (which were probably three to four years old) RAMA was abandoned due to a over-boarding budget, difficulties in creating the full-CG environments David Fincher wanted, and a script that ran several hundred pages.
In recent years it became awefully quiet, and it is fairly hard to tell, whether now the film-adaption of Arthur C. Clarke's classic is really back on track.

Revelations Entertainment doesn't answer my inquiries.
Any news is very hard to come by.
Just like back in 1999.

But whatever:
If Fincher will still do it -- we still wanna see it!

The article by Joshua Moss (1999)

"Rendezvous With Rama" IMDB site

"Rendezvous With Rama" Wikipedia entry

"Rendezvous With Rama" site from Revelations Entertainment

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