Quotes from the "Fight Club" writer

Long stories made short: FIGHT CLUB is genius. It is an audiovisual feast, largely due to David Fincher. And it feeds your mind with some of movie history's most memorable quotes -- derived from Chuck Palahniuk's brilliant novel of the same name.

If you enjoy the great, indelible lines of the movie, you will most certainly enjoy this: A website called Quoteopia.com has put together a vast collection of quotes from Palahnuik. And many of them resemble the wise, sharp and insightful genius of FIGHT CLUB.

Palahniuk first submitted his novel INVISIBLE MONSTERS to publishers and was rejected for the book being "too disturbing". The writer claims he had written FIGHT CLUB with the intention to disturb publishers even more -- which has got the be the funniest approach for writing a novel I have ever read.

The IMDB mini-biography describes Chuck Palahniuk as
"... a low key writer who never stops writing and taking down notes to file away for future writing. Very funny, very creative and very thought provoking. His books often make you look at yourself in ways that you would never have before. Same goes for the world, he will make you notice things that you never did."

Besides FIGHT CLUB he is the writer of quite a few publications, with SURVIVOR, INVISIBLE MONSTERS, LULLABY, and his latest RANT among them. As of July 2007 a second film-adaption of his novels, CHOKE, began shooting under the helms of first-time director Clark Gregg, with a scheduled 2008 release.

If you want to know more about the writer, he runs a very insightful official website, featuring articles and news tidbits, as well as online writing workshops.

And if you dig stuff like this ...
... you can either go see a psychiatrist or check out the quotes-site.
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  1. and i don't want to offend anyone, but i think RANT is probably his greatest novel since FIGHT CLUB. pure genius. but i think it'll take a while before someone puts it on screen. maybe if fincher starts thinking about it, we'll have a shot.

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