On the set of "Benjamin Button"

A word of caution: Don't get too excited! TCCOBB has a long, long way of post-production to go and so far I have not found a single official photo or set-report, let alone a "making of", teaser or anything like that. There are however a few sources that feature amateur-filmed set-videos and photos. And as desperate fans -- we are hungry for every bit ...

So, while these findings are not very informative, I guess they might be of interest in terms of getting an impression of Brad Pitt in his role as Benjamin Button, the sets, the production-design -- and very simply in just knowing that the movie is moving forward. One thing we learn from the article in THE GAZETTE is that the film features scenes in Moscow and Paris, which points to the epic scope of the story.

Here's a site with photos from the Montreal sets
and the link to the Gazette article:

A blog about the film with some set-photos:

... and four amateur-filmed youtube videos:

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  1. even though there is nothing official it's nice to see something, at least to get the feel of it. but as fincher always manage to accomplish, when we do get official info/pics/teasers it'll probably blow us away.

    the one thing that leaves me in peace is the fact that brad pitt is on it, so when it comes to marketing they'll probably give us tons of stuff.

    keep up the good work!