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This article of the San Francisco Chronicle was published February 25th 2007, just prior to the release of David Fincher's latest film, Zodiac. What's great about this read is it offers a few minute details of Fincher's approach to the case as a director, especially so in talking about chosing the right location for the murder scene at Lake Berryessa, and his take on the mise-en-scene of the murders.

It is a short but very informative read, featuring statements by Robert Graysmith, producer Bradley J. Fischer and David Fincher. What I found especially interesting was David's statement about the direction of the stabbing-scene, which I find to be one of the most gripping and gut-wrenching of the film:

"You can't hype murder. It should be shocking, it should come out of nowhere. If you put a lot of violins under it -- I didn't feel it was truthful. It really happened to people, and there weren't violins there. We want it to be sad and violent and to come at a cost."

RE-CREATING A MONSTER, SF Chronicle, February 25th 2007:

... and here is some more very interesting stuff I found of the SFGate.com site; It's a collection of the original SF Chronicle newsarticles about the Zodiac Killer:

, SF Chronicle, February 25th 2007:

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