Edward Norton - Fighting Talk (Interview)

I am simply amazed by this guy: Graham Fuller of Interview Magazine! I have found a 1999 interview of his with actor Edward Norton, the narrator-without-name of David Fincher's cult-movie FIGHT CLUB, and I couldn't believe the quality and depth of his questions ...

It is really hard to tell, whether Fuller liked or hated the film. His questions seem to be pointing either way -- liking and understanding it and wanting to get to the bottom of things; or hating it and wanting to get Ed Norton to say something stupid. At times his questions sounds like appraisal for a great acting achievement, a wonderful director and a hell of a film. Yeah well, and at other times it seems Fuller simply wants to bash the film for being too violent, too simple in it's criticism and too tempting for mindless copycats.

One point that is especially scary is Fuller pressing for the question, whether the film wouldn't give people the idea of blowing up corporate skyscrapers. But maybe it's simply that we are very sensitive for comments like these since 9/11 ... (I am not going to debate 9/11 here, all I want to say is this: I am pretty certain it had nothing to do with the IKEA nesting instinct.)

What I also like about this interview is how it is philosophical and truly discusses the themes and provocations of the film.

But what's all my talking? -- Go read it for yourselves ... ;-)

FIGHTING TALK -- Interview Magazine, November 1999

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  1. It would appear that Fuller understood the film. I don't see any hint of him being negative- I thought he asked legitimate questions, and even prefaced one by saying he'd play devil's advocate. Because Fight Club was made by a big studio, the interviewer realized there would be an uproar about the violence in the movie. That was standard stuff back then, even before 9/11. Segments of the media and other groups tried to pin the Columbine shootings on music/movies, just because the two killers were teenagers who actually watched movies and listened to music. It sounds like Fuller got the best answers possible out of Edward Norton. Nice read- thanks.