The Curse of Benjamin Button

Don't get too excited about the headline: This curious turn on the title comes from what's probably a missquotation of actress Taraji P. Henson -- who is playing Brad Pitt's mommy in David Fincher's upcoming epic. conducted with the actress what may be the shortest interview in film history! They talk about her experience playing Brad Pitt's mom, what the movie may do for her career and ... yeah, well: that's about it. (No, wait a minute: It also has pics of Brad Pitt in the fat suit!)

But luckily there is more. There is longer interview with the same actress on, where she talks about how she got the role, how it was like to work with co-stars Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett and of course -- the genius himself. The part I like the most has got to be this: "[David Fincher is] very upset that he’s made a beautiful film. He walks around 'I can’t believe I made a f**king beautiful movie'."

What's best is you can not only read what Taraji is sharing with us. You can also listen to it. has posted an mp3 version of the interview and at about half-way through the really good stuff begins ... talking about THE CURSE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON!

Shortest Interview in the History of Mankind:

Awesome Collider Interview with Podcast:

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  1. they got the title wrong, but cursed are us, that will have to wait until 2008 for this (probably) masterpiece.

    this movie is so up in my book that i can't even imagine what it looks like. of course, as fincher fan (can't claim the fanatic title, you own it) one can wonder where it could go, but what the hell... fincher using all the tricks in his book to bring an amazing story to life, it could only become nothing short of extraordinary.