David Fincher Q&A over at BBC

David's interviews are almost as rare as his films.
Does that sound like the single, best reason to cherish every one of them?

Not yet?
Alrighty then. Enjoy this excerpt:

On the question, which of his movies David likes best ...

"You know, it's like saying, "Who are your favourite children?" I don't know. "Alien³" I don't even consider. I like "Se7en", but I don't think it's my best film. I like "The Game", I think it's a little misguided from what it was supposed to be, and it's misinterpreted -- people thought it was more serious than it was intended to be. I like "Fight Club" a lot, I'm very proud of that. I like "Panic Room", but I also think "Panic Room" is one of those little guilty pleasure popcorn movies.

Scott Rudin [the producer] called me and said, "I saw your movie, I loved it. It's a cheesy popcorn movie produced within an inch of its life." I thought, I'd like to see that on the poster ..."

The Scott Rudin part certainly did it for me!
You can follow up on the entire Q&A on the BBC website:

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