The infamous Fight Club Soap Bar

"When you want something done right, do it yourself. When a dedicated fan of the film "Fight Club" saw it necessary to have the signature soap prop used in the movie’s trailer, he couldn’t find one that met his needs. And so he made his own. This is his story."

Check out this fun article over at

But obviously there is more ...

Ever since the real FincherFanatic bought his first admission, he just went nuts for the amazing "Fight Club" soap bar. Not that any of us use soap a whole lot, but it's simply the 2nd coolest thing!

So what's the coolest? -- I have eventually dug up a store that sells these things, along with Tyler Durden's business cards!
It's hilarious! It's affordable! Everone should get one!

So true to the spirit of: "You are not your bank account"
-- hustle over and get one. Here is the store:

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