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"Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light."

With his 1995 release David Fincher not only made himself known as a highly talented director to be counted with, but also gave the world of cinema an instant classic -- "Seven". If you do not already own the Special Edition DVD Set (which usually sells at a very fair price), check out the official website and get a taste of some of the awe-inspiring bonus material!

The site hosts samples of the commentary tracks, some special background info on John Doe and the original theatrical trailer -- which by itself makes for a great reason to pay a visit to that site.

In one of the samples David talks about the transfer process of the celluloid original to DVD. This is particularily interesting, as "Seven", in my opinion, showcases some of the most outstanding and captivating cinematography ever put on film.

Just follow the clues ...:

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