Alien 3 - Official Site

Thanks to the release of the fantastic ALIEN Quadrilogy DVD-Set there is something like an official website for David's debut film, even though this film dates back all the way to 1992!

Even though David has distanced himself from the final product (due to creative differences with the studio), "Alien 3" introduced his signature camera angles, lighting style and of course: an initial taste of his moral themes.

The site features mostly screenshots, some video material and allows for a few looks "behind-the-scenes". For a true FincherFanatic -- definitely worth checking out ...

Do it, here:

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  1. Sorry for resurrecting an ancient post, but this is kind of cool... If there are any Alien 3 fanatics here, you have a chance to buy some movie props used in the film ;)

    My favorite is this one ;)

    If you search the site you'll find some more stuff.