David on the all-digital workflow of "Zodiac"

“I wanted to shoot HD since we made Panic Room [2002], but at the time, Sony Pictures warned us that HD wasn't reliable enough to shoot a major feature — which I thought was ironic, since their parent company makes HD cameras used to shoot motion pictures.”

If you are into the technical aspects behind David's work, here is an interesting read from DigitalContentProducer.com. And what could be better than to read about the jazzy mumbo jumbo that surrounds David's latest "Zodiac"? -- Right: Hearing about it!

That's why you are immensely lucky, there is also a Podcast version of David's phone interview with the site.

Interview and article talk about the creative aspects, the workflow and David's experience-curve in working with the all digital system he has set up for his new feature. It briefly mentions Claudio Miranda (the DOP for some of his commercials) as well as working with the fabulous Harris Savides on "Zodiac". Alltogether it's a long and interesting read definitely worth your visit.

Here's the article:

And here's the direct link to the Fincher interview Podcast:

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