HP - "Constant Change"

In recent years office electronics company HP has made itself known for sophisticated, stylish and visually stunning commercials. For "Constant Change" David Fincher took the helm over the Digital Domain FX crew to create a highly interesting audience reaction: It makes you drool, marvel the visual sugar-topping, and fall on your knees and be thankful ... for a commercial. -- Wow!

The concept of the spot actually seems familiar, if you happen to know the "Earthlink" commercial ingenious french director Michel Gondry did a little while earlier. If you compare the two clips though, both significantly point to the dividing line between David and Michel:

While Michel's work is always very inventive and highly original, yet has this sort of artistic, hand-made kind of feel to it, David knows how to take his work to smooth, visual perfection with precise camera moves and high-end visual effects.

The spot shows an office guy walk from his desk to the elevator. Granted: That wouldn't be much of a visual feast, if not his clothes, the time of day and everything around him were to change every few frames!

Pay attention to the details of this masterpiece. And make sure you have a look at the "making of" Digital Domain displays on their site.

Watch David's HP commercial & Making Of:

Additionally, have a look at Michel's clip for comparison. French FX house Buf Compagnie keeps a great online-compendium of their work.

Visit their site and check out the commercial:

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