"David Fincher: Interviews" is now on sale, and as a nice little companion piece, here's another interview with the book's editor, Laurence Knapp, shedding light on what you can learn from interviews in general, and the advantage an interview book has over an artist's biography. — Uhm, you also learn why is possibly the best website in the universe ever... (Thanks very much for the kind words.)


  1. Sounds interesting, but the pricetag seems a bit heavy for 200 pages...

  2. I agree. I guess most of us would not hesitate to jump at an affordable paper-back edition. Unfortunately it seems the publisher hasn't made up his mind about that yet. Is it possible us fanatics are not their intended audience?! Hope there will be news on that front soon...

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  4. Congratulations, indeed.

    And now, from Entertainment Weekly:

    House of Cards WTF 1

    House of Cards WTF 2