Comic Con: Fight Club Q&A

Thanks to Daryl for this and his many other fantastic finds!


  1. One can download the mp3 here ~

  2. A short but interesting post about Fight Club on Cinefilia and Beyond.

    It links the Jeff Goldsmith podcast from the Comic-Con panel, a downloadable pdf of the movie script and the whole 90 minutes versiĆ³n of the interview with the screenwriter, "Professor Peculiar" Jim Uhls, by The Dialog Series.

  3. 2 New Posters For David Fincher's 'Gone Girl' Keeps Searching For Amy


  4. Eric Zumbrunnen, Spike Jonze's longtime editor, discusses "plans for a new editing venture that he’s starting with two-time Oscar winner Kirk Baxter, who is currently cutting David Fincher’s Gone Girl.":

    How Spike Jonze's Films Come Together In Editing

    Also during EditFest LA, Pixar detailed its storytelling process and the lead editor on "Conan" brought tears to audience members' eyes.

    The Hollywood Reporter, 03-08-2014