Valentine's Day

If I am not mistaken tomorrow is the big Valentine's Day — so let Netflix be your Valentine and prepare for a marathon House of Cards session.

While the second season of House of Card hits, Fincher is all but idly fainéant: His "Gone Girl" production wrapped on February 10th, now rushing into post production. And writer Gillian Flynn and Fincher will sit down for some intense scripting sessions, as HBO orders Fincher's US-adaptation of "Utopia" to series.

How's that for a packed slate?

Having seen the British mini-series, I know that "Utopia" seems a perfect fit and that the original left quite a few nuances and depths to be explored by a director as uncompromising and dark-minded as Fincher — with hopefully equally permissive oversight from HBO as Fincher negotiated for "House of Cards" with Netflix.

At any rate, "Happy Valentine's Day"!

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