New BMW Films?

A tiny little series that has created quite a buzz a decade ago, way back in the pre-YouTube age, is about to make its come back: As freshly announced BMW intends to "bring back" its highly praised short films — for whatever that means. Most likely there will be new episodes following the series' original concept, starring high profile actors and directors recruited from Hollywood's A-list. Will it be Clive Owen, though? And in order to justify this item on this blog: Will Fincher resume his exec producing duties — or better yet: This time, will he take the wheel for a Fincher directed action-packed BMW thrill-ride? Yeah, I'd go for that!

So, just in case this is the right time to shout-out suggestions: I'd love to see BMW shorts directed by Brad Bird, Nicolas Winding Refn, Alfonso Cuaron and definitively a new one from Joe Carnahan. (Now excuse me while I spend this blog's immense profits on a new car...)


  1. Good news!
    The BMW series were definitely ahead of their time. In my opinion Frankenheimer's short was the best.

  2. And I do own the DVD compliments of BMW must be collector now ;-)