Grieg, Bach, Et Les Beatles

You'll have your most fun with this if you do understand a little french. But if you don't... well, it's about Fincher's choices en regarde du musique.

P.S. If anyone can subtitle this, that'd be great.
Thanks, Micha, for the link!


  1. For the translation, gotta ask me guys ;-)

    Jousse (former Cahier du Cinéma journalist and cinema historian) remembers the first time he saw a Fincher movie, Zodiac, which gave him the need to rewind to the origins : Alien with its dark and reptilian score; then 3 movies with Howard Shore.

    Goes back again to Zodiac with its touch of genius, hiring David Shire.
    Fight Club score feels like a draft of Social Network's, where Fincher almost raps. In Girl, it gets better where music elevates the movie to an experimental level.

    Fincher also like to play with music : Marvin Gaye, Bach, The Beattes...

    The Game score sounds like a Jonas Meka music'.

    Jousse concludes : in a music, there's a always a secret. And Fincher's secret is in The Game piano music : he's a melancholic but hides it. That's why I love him.

  2. You can find many more short videos like this if you "google" blow up.
    But you have to understand french (it is maybe translated in German).

  3. Nothing to add to gould's translation ! It's true that people often forget that Fincher does great choices in terms of soundtrack.