All The Takes It Takes

To be perfectly frank: I am not the least bit surprised that Fincher continues to do what he does — shooting each scene with as many takes as he sees fit to get the performances he envisions. What I am more than annoyed by at this point is the media trying to spin a story out of this every damn time.

Is there seriously nothing else to report than Fincher doing a shitload of takes? He has explained his process before, and with some good sense. And even if his process were absolutely ridiculous and non-sensical — as long as he keeps delivering work on a level of mastery beyond most other productions, I couldn't care less.

Fincher is exacting. He is after memorable and authentic performances, and if he has found his surefire way of arriving at these performances by exhausting the actors' self-awareness and pretense? Way to go!

Come on people, I really wish you'd find new insights to report. I'm going to be a prick and say this is just lazy reporting.

Cheers to Pavlov, and pardon my rant.


  1. My friend and I said the exact same thing when we saw the article. This horse was beaten to death several films ago...

  2. Ok. I'm changing subject here.
    Apparently there is an adaptation of the Black Dahlia in comic format coming out November 13. And you know what? David Fincher took part to the writing (says the publisher).
    To recap: written by David Fincher and Matz and drawn by Miles Hyman.
    Matz is the guy who wrote comics such as "The Killer" and "Bullet to the head".
    Bullet to the head has been made into a movie with Stallone.
    As for The Killer there were rumors (several years ago) that it would be adapted by Fincher with Brad Pitt in it.
    It is therefore completely possible that Matz worked with Fincher. We all know the good relationship between Fincher and Ellroy following the work done by Fincher to adapt The Black Dahlia.
    What remains unclear is how did Fincher and Matz work together on this ? And if the Fincher collaboration is really relevant ?

    It is published in France (see the amazon link).
    Don't know if a translation in English is expected.

    The thing is 178 pages long. It could be a very good adaptation.

    Last thing: the comments on that amazon page are for the novel. I think amazon did f..k up here since the comic is not yet out.

    Very last comment: forgive my English mistakes. It's not my mother tongue.

  3. Here is another article about it. In French.
    It is dated January 18, 2012 and mention the Fincher collaboration.
    There is a picture of the script where you can see "adaptation by Matz with David Fincher".
    I don't how I missed that information!
    Can't wait to read this...

  4. Don't apologize. I'm ranting alongside you. Don't tell da Vinci how to paint his freaking painting. Let him do his thing people!