This... how you inspire awe in your crew: Know your shit. And know how to communicate it. Most of you will have come across this excerpt on the FIGHT CLUB making of. I don't have to tell you this is a must have. But to jog your memory of awesome:
Here's David Fincher discussing some of his set ups on FIGHT CLUB.

Learn from the master. This is fabulous.

Everyone say: Thanks, Phil!


  1. Thanks to LoSceicco1976 A.K.A. Orang Telor Theatre:

  2. Amazing! thank you for this video and for every news about the best director in the world! btw do you think the guy wearing a white shirt is jeff cronenweth?

    greetings from italy

  3. And 14 years on...
    some additional bts footage from the Calvin Klein campaign shoot, including Fincher & Mondino together, briefly...

  4. Rosamund Pike Lands Female Lead in David Fincher’s GONE GIRL; Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry Eyed for Roles.

    Well this is god casting news (Pike)

    Read the hole thing here.

    Pretty sure now, Fincher is doing GONE GIRL.

    I wish sony would finished the Salander trilogy and with the help of Fincher and get someone great to do the next movies. Dream would be someone like Soderbergh (not happening) M.Mann, R.Scott, M.Romanek or Mendes.

    1. I'm really happy with that casting. She is good in pretty much every movie she does (yes, even Wrath of Titans ;) ).

      I'm not sure about Harris and Perry, but I also wasn't sure about Timberlake in Social Network and he turned out to be great. I trust Fincher and his casting team ;)

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