Fincher Film School New Graduate

The Hollywood Reporter has a scoop on Fincher's editor Angus Wall

According to THR, it seems longtime Fincher colleague Angus Wall is finally getting his chance to direct his first feature. Empire is the title and set to be an action thriller written by Ben Ripley, the man behind Source Code.

Not much more information at this point, only the promise of a movie in the style of Safe House and The Usual Suspects. Sounds promising enough to you?

Let us all wish to Wall the same success as Scorsese, the Coen brothers., etc, who all started in the cutting room before making it behind the camera. Wall had probably his share of advice from Fincher, so if he can go beyond his mentor's visuals and influences, he may surprise us.

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  1. I just hope he will be there to edit "Gone Girl" ;)

    The article should mention Robert Wise. He also started out as an editor and worked on this small movie called... "Citizen Kane" ;) Then he became a director and won two Oscars for his work on "The Sound of Music" and "West Side Story".

  2. This will be exciting to watch. Really curious as to what Wall's film will look and feel like.

    Great item. Thanks very much for posting, Gould!