House of Cards: London Premiere

+++ UPDATED +++
Make sure to check out a first review of the Fincher episodes below.

January 17th was David Fincher's 'House of Cards' premiere in London, and with this very informative photo gallery you can get an impression of the very beautiful dresses and 'sharp grey suits' that were presented on the red carpet. If you know what I mean.

And while that is all very nice, I am hoping we will get a decent and in-depth review of the actual content of the film soon. Expectations, as usual of course for a Fincher film, are high as they could be.

And by the way. This is probably the first time I actually remember this: Today, January 18th 2013, is actually this blog's sixth birthday. Thank you all for dropping by and sharing my enthusiasm for one of the world's finest directors working today, and my very best thank you to all contributors for sharing their Fincher finds!

+++ UPDATE +++
The ever watchful Robert Paulson has pointed me to this review that popped up, on The Manipulated Living blog.

"House of Cards is everything I wanted it to be and more. Of course it’s a perfectly crafted, beautifully shot and phenomenally acted political thriller. Spacey is deliciously evil, a manipulative bastard you love to love as he addresses the camera, winks at you and gives you inside information. Kate Mara is fantastic - I’m sure more will happen as the series progresses, at the moment she is literally like the nicer American reporter sister of Lisbeth Salander from TGWTDT - a reporter but one who isn’t afraid to be in the ‘morally grey area,’ meeting Spacey in the shadows “a deep-throat moment”, and fucking politicians careers with her articles.

There are unexpected, great moments of humour - but it feels suitably dirty, corrupt, yellow: perfect Fincher territory. Lots of his usuals in the credits. Fincher has directed the first two episodes but from the Q&A afterwards it seems his ‘stamp’ is felt throughout - him being an exec producer as well. It’s still settling. It certainly feels like Dragon Tattoo. The fast talking political spew reminds me of West Wing. Spacey’s pieces to camera make me think of Ferris Bueller. But it works, and I really love it."

Go there for the full story, the lucky guy meeting Fincher and all.


  1. I was there last night for the screening. It was fantastic and unmistakably Fincher. In many scenes, he evokes Zodiac and Dragon Tattoo in particular.
    As for the show itself, its Spaceys vehicle and he is quite wonderful in it. a performance that will live up to the original I imagine and one that US TV audiences who are likely unfamiliar with the original portrayal will truly love.

    As this is a Fincher blog, I will discuss his input a bit more.
    the premier was the first 2 episodes, the only ones directed by David so we will have to see what other directors do with his guidelines and the tone he has set. The colour palette is very warm and the whole show feels like its taking place next to an armchair and roaring fireplace. It feels like we are intruding in a way which perfectly matches the scripts content.
    Finchers usual shot compositions are littered all over the show so there really is no mistaking who put it together. Im not sure who did the music but its a big highlight and slots in with the imagery as well as any of Finchers work.

    All in all February 1st cant come soon enough to get back to the show. Considering how excited I am to see the non David Fincher directed episodes, I think that sums up how fine I feel this show is going to be.

    also a quite note about Robin Wright is amazing in this show. The kept refering to her as Lady Macbeth during the crew discussion and thats a perfect way to describe her role. Wonderful addition to a small part from the original show.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    2. Thanks to all for sharing all this stuff :) I can't wait to watch this show.

      PS. Happy 6th B-Day! I visit this blog every single day :) Thanks to all for making it such a great site.


    My thoughts. I loved it!

  3. can't wait to watch this show. all episodic dramas should strive to be the quality that house of cards will obviously be

  4. Happy Birthday, Fincherblog! Me too, I've been visiting every day since even before Social Network came out. Thanks to everyone involved!

  5. I was at the premiere and I have to agree with everyone on here, loved the show, and I can't wait for the rest to be released! I was standing just behind Fincher's shoulder on that picture, would have loved to have got a picture with him but sadly I couldn't...

    Happy 6th Birthday!

  6. I am an avid reader of this blog and am very surprised and honoured to find my review posted here. (The Manipulated Living) is my blog, but you can find my own films at

    Apologies - upon reading it back it's not particularly eloquent. I was trying to get everything down before I forgot anything. I'm really excited for the show to hit netflix this week.

    As for meeting Fincher, it still feels like it never happened. I didn't exchange more than a few words with him but I'm incredibly grateful that he stopped for a picture.