Fincher's Nightmare? Fabergé!

It's one thing to say Fincher has come a long way, marveling at his accomplished craftsmanship and cult feature films — and because of his stellar mastery today, I believe it is worth to look more closely at this 'long way' he has come ...uhm, and how painful it must have been at times.

Thanks to Dustin for pointing us to this Fincher gem from the 80s: I can literally see Fincher suffering through every single frame. Do let me say, I like the way it is edited. But would I buy that? Nuh, not so much...

To view the clip, click the "commercials" tab at the bottom; Fincher's ad is the first one on the reel.


  1. haha crazy! thanks for posting this

  2. Beautiful gem :) Great editing and cinematography. Say what you want, I think this commercial is more captivating than most of today's commercials :)

    Thanks for the link Dustin!

  3. It is from 1988:

    And featuring John Corbett pre "Northern Exposure".