House Of Cards Countdown

As a true Fincher fanatic, of course you will call in sick February 1st to watch 13 hours of 'House of Cards' — and then enjoy the weekend to watch 'em all over again.

In order to instigate you to such a rebellious act, make sure to check out this fine selection of HOC and Fincher related links.

Click 'em all:

Hitflix interview w/ David Fincher
'House of Cards' gets second season — but w/ or w/o Fincher is the question
Digital Spy Q&A w/ David Fincher
Digital Spy Q&A w/ Robin Wright
Digital Spy Q&A w/ Kate Mara

And this really deserves to be a separate news item, as it's big, and it's freaking awesome: Looks like we will finally get a new David Fincher music video!!!

The last, if memory serves me right, was NIN's "Only", a truly fantastic clip — but published a whopping 8 years ago in 2005.

This project circles Jay Z and Justin Timberlake. But who cares: It's Fincher behind the camera that makes this fanatic material!

So check these out as well:

Fincher music video casting notice
'Suit and Tie' production news


  1. Oh my god... A new music video!! I'm so happy!! :P

  2. One Q&A more from Digital Spy: Kevin Spacey

  3. I'm not a hundred percent sure this music video is confirmed with Fincher yet. I won't get my hopes up until I see this. But if it turns out to be the real deal~ I waited some fucking YEARS for this!!

  4. The new issue of 'Empire' magazine in the UK has an 'HoC' set-vist article; 6 pages with 4 pages of text. Our old friend Nev Pierce, Fincher's closest journalistic confidante, spent 4 days on the Baltimore set last May and some time in post in Oct. I'll try to scan & post later. It should be available as an app on itunes soon though.

    Elsewhere, just to whet your appetite even more, a quote from Steven Soderbergh re:'HoC' ~

    What TV do you watch?
    "Pretty much what you’d expect: Breaking Bad. Can’t wait for that next season. Mad Men. Boss. I feel very lucky because David Fincher sent me advance episodes of House of Cards. I’ve got three to go, and I’m totally hooked. What I like about all those shows is that there’s an aesthetic that’s adhered to no matter who is directing it. They have rules, there’s a tool kit. I don’t like seeing stuff where there’s no coherence to the choices that are being made. And all those shows are shot like movies. That train-robbery episode in the last season of Breaking Bad? They had like eight days to shoot that episode. That’s good shit! And House of Cards is the most beautiful thing you’ve seen on a screen. Oh, and I watch Girls."

  5. A 37 minutes audio interview with Fincher and Spacey

    NPR - Spacey And Fincher Make A 'House Of Cards':

  6. Watch the first episode of 'House of Cards' for free.

  7. Here is the new promo video ~

    Can't abide the 'stars' or the 'song' but, G-ZUZ, this video is beautiful. I'm guessing that THIS is the project that Fincher was rumoured to be deploying the new RED Epic Monochrome hardware on, and my god does he deploy. Breathtaking B&W imagery; and I'm only viewing it on a PC display. I can't wait to get this up on a plasma screen.
    Couldn't care less about the 'artists' in front of the camera, just the one behind it. Frankly, Fincher could shoot the activities of a Romanian abattoir and it would look sublime. RED, 'scope, monochrome ~ I'm in love!