Fantastic DGA Article on "House of Cards"

+++ UPDATE 1/24/2013 +++
Do yourself a favor and check out the American Cinematographer article Simon has linked to in the comments.

I won't deny, sometimes it takes a couple of you to drop me the same link over and over again until I finally get around to posting it. Forgive my silly little life outside the Fincher blog. But now that I finally get around to it, let me say: The reason it took so long has absolutely zero to do with the fantasticness of the content.

Don't look this up, 'fantasticness' is indeed a word. But so are some of the Fincher terms he's dropping throughout his interview segments, which I have never heard or read anywhere, and which always make me think in another life, Fincher would have made a splendid and perspicacious journalist. (Yeah, and I need a f**king dictionary even for that!)

There are some laugh-out-loud Fincher quotes in this, and even better: There are some really cool observations on the peculiarities of this production and Fincher's executive producer collaboration with the directors of the series.

A brilliant read — thanks to all, who have sent this in.

And to wrap things up appropriately, The Playlist has a nice photo gallery for "House of Cards", with some candy-sweet shots of pure Robin Wright fantasticness.


  1. We forgive.

    So here is another righteous tech piece from the next issue of 'American Cinematographer'; an interview with the 'HoC' DP Eigil Bryld ~

    Quote: "If you have perfect continuity, I think it creates a hypnotic universe,like you're almost experiencing something in real time. In Fincher's world, you have to respect space and time."

  2. Digital Spy (UK) - David Fincher 'House of Cards' Q&A: 'Kevin Spacey is just naughty':

  3. It's Christmas againJanuary 29, 2013 at 11:46 AM

    Here is a new interview of the Master, with some good stuff in it: