House of Cards Cast

It is absolutely beside the point to note just how incredibly hot Rooney's sister is. As a matter of fact, her sexiness shouldn't even be mentioned in this post, as her utter, incomprehensible stunningness is only very barely related to the inherent topic: The Cast of Fincher's House of Cards.

But here it is: Netflix has published a set of really cool character cards for the series — which only serves to further up expectations after a recent outstanding trailer.

Anything else? Sure: Thanks, Phil, for sending this in.

...aaand Kate Mara should totally date me.

Don't click this link, it is only barely related to this post.


  1. Hey, by the way: Is it only me? I seem to have noticed the Fanatictweets links (left sidebar) ain't working anymore. Anybody noticer? Anybody got a clue as to why?

  2. I'm sorry, you were saying? I was a bit distracted...

  3. Aha! So this is the black & white project that Fincher was shooting with the Red Epic Monochrome and I mentioned in the comments section but everyone ignored! Do you see now? Do you SEE?!!

    1. TH, nobody ignored you... it's just that we had a post about it some time ago ;)

      Beautiful pics. Is there some official confirmation that these are indeed shot on EPIC-M Monochrome?

      PS. Aaand Kristen Connolly should totally date me :)