Fincher Eyes New Regency Deal

Okay, guys, what do you think: As Variety reports, Fincher has laid eyes on a "production pact" with New Regency, which somehow also is a first for Fincher. I have no problem admitting: I have new clue what this actually means. Anyone?

The rest of this news item has some of the vocabulary that typically gets thrown around, "edgy", "adult fare" (but not "dark" for once), but doesn't go so far as to put a new project up for debate. So would New Regency serve as co-producers in case Fincher's "20,000 Leagues" is happening with the Mouse House? What are they actually looking to get off the ground?

In short: It's always good to see Fincher setting up anything. "House of Cards" is looking so stunning, I'd watch the whole series at cinemas, and paying for it — which hey: doesn't that sound like a lucrative venue?

My kindest thanks to you many busy, wonderful contributors! Great job, once again!

Here's the news, please do make sense of it for me:

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  1. If this thing happens... I think, it's actually a pretty big news!

    Chances for him directing "Leagues" and TGWTDT sequel are getting even more slim. He might do something completely different for Regency.

    We will see. First RESET, now a possible deal with New Regency. Exciting times in Fincher world ;)