Fincher Criterion Style

Some very cool art design found on Tumblr.

Designer Midnight Marauder has an amazing Tumblr featuring fake Criterion covers and film posters. It includes takes on Fincher's Fight Club and TGWTDT.

The guy easily competes with Sam Smith and Neil Kellerhouse, don't you think?

Make sure to browse through his collection, there are some amazing stuff ('The Sorcerer', 'The Long Goodbye', 'Lady Snowblood', 'Alien'...). Will make you weep they're not for real. Hey Criterion, what are you waiting for?


  1. F***ing awesome covers!!! Thanks for posting this.

  2. That is some good artwork. Alien and Prometheus just Wow:) And TGWTDT:) Would love to have these art framed on the my wall.

  3. Yep, they look cool. I love the Blade Runner series, Fight Club is also very good.

    Prometheus doesn't deserve such good covers ;) The movie was awful IMO. Alien 3 is a masterpiece compared to Prometheus.

  4. @Robert : he sells some of his art.