Criterion Plays The Game

Criterion brings Three Reasons : The Game

For me, one is enough : it's Fincher's most underrated movie. And my favorite by the way.


  1. The Game is my favorite Fincher film as well... I get a lot of shit for it, but to me, it holds up the best...

  2. I always felt like Panic Room was his most underrated...and I feel like I catch a lot of shit for IT being my favorite Fincher film.

  3. Gould, somehow I always thought Zodiac was your favorite :) And yeah "The Game" was very underrated when it came out in 1997... but it might be because L.A. Confidential was released almost at the same time, and then came Titanic... ;) Thankfully, now people know it's a great movie :)

  4. Indeed Mikez Zodiac is my favourite 'film' whereas 'The Game' is my favourite Fincher's 'movie'.

    No need to tell you the difference between a 'film' and a 'movie' if you're a fincher fanatic ;-)

  5. The Criterion blu-ray transfer is everything one could have wished for ~ simply sublime. The level of detail is astonishing and the colour reproduction sings like the sweetest bird. The swing from light to dark is flawless. I always knew exactly which scene to test it with, the moment I got my disc last weekend - the John 9:25 scene in the gentlemens club - and the contrast is jaw-dropping. The black shadow on Douglas' eye is spot-on and the shadow fall-off ouside the circular tracking is perfection.
    Even if you have the same supplements from the old R2 DVD the transfer is worth the price alone. 'The Game' has simply never looked better than on Criterion.

  6. @ Gould

    Right, I should have remembered about that ;)

    @ Simon

    How about the sound? After reading a review, I'm very interested in this new Near Field 5.1 Sound Mix. I would love to hear how it sounds :)

  7. Hej mikez, I wouldn't really like to give you a definitive take on the sound. All the reviews I've read so far have scored it even higher than the visuals. It sounded excellent to me, but I don't have much of an audio set-up. I used the DTS HD master track rather than the new Near Field mix. Alls I can say is 'White Rabbit' almost blew my head off!

    ~ s.


  9. The Game is a real Fincher like Se7en, Fight Club and TGWTDT. Especialy the Soundtrack from Howard Shore was amazng and fits unbelievebal close to the scene's ! Douglas was a great Cast. You're right this movie is to underrated!!

  10. It's superior to TGWTDT in my opinion, because at the time Fincher took his time to tell a story. There was a real sense of menace, whereas TGWTDT felt so rushed you never had time to get familiar with characters.

  11. I give both movies a 10/10 rating. I love the twists of The Game, and I love the complex story of TGWTDT and the way it's told.

    If I had to put his movies in some order, it would be like this:

    1. Fight Club
    2. Se7en
    3. The Social Network
    4. Zodiac, The Game, Panic Room, TGWTDT, Button (Love them all equally :) )
    5. Alien 3 ;)