Fincher Hits Reset

By now you should all have devoured the news of Fincher's new production company Reset Content. And for sheer matters of über-excitement I'd like to spell out my wet fantasy of what this means — new Fincher commercials! Soon!

If you read through the announcement (below), it states that the very high profile directors, including Guy Ritchie and Jonathan Glazer, will commit themselves to being available in the starting phase — which means right now. Fincher, then, is obviously through the bulk of production on House of Cards, freeing him up for new ventures, which, as we hoped, may include his next feature film. But personally I do not mind a Fincher ad or two to sweeten the wait.

While the company's official site has not gone online, "Fincher, Miller and Ritchie are under way on jobs with 'high profile' agencies and clients." — This has me going all Pavlov! And it certainly is a special delight to see German hot-shot talent Markus Walter on the roster as well.

As there was also a specific mention that the company is looking to do something alike the BMW films series (which I found more than mind-blowing, and which originally turned me on to director Joe Carnahan), I get a sense that there is something really amazing brewing, which might land the sweetest punch in our collective guts as early as this fall.

Can't wait!

Here's the link — with big thanks to awesome contributor Robert Paulson!


  1. That's great news. I'm looking forward to some amazing commercials.

  2. Great news, especially with Glazer.

    1. Yeahhh...Glazer is one Hell of a Talent!