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It's been a while that were we able to post a newly rediscovered David Fincher commercial, and it seems even longer that we were able to post a new Fincher commercial. Let's see if Fincher will ever return to the genre (for some pocket money), busy as he is with his film and television projects. For the time being, however, here's a tremendous find from Fincher commercial glory days!


  1. Thanks anonymous for sharing those gems with us :)

    I also hope that Fincher will direct some more commercials or music videos... maybe just to test some new technology before diving 20,000 leagues ;)

  2. Diving into 20,0000 leagues? I sure hope and think that Fincher will finish the Lisbeth Salander series first. 2 sources that is somewhat interesting.

    cean chaffin said recently said in some interview that they hope to start filming the next Salander movie (or back to back one would think)next year.

    Also Josh Dickey film editor at Variety,
    (no idea what he knows or how) also blogged a little time ago when somebody asked if the Salander movies were dead.

    "not dead at all. Stay tuned"

    I just pray that Fincher does indeed do the next 2 movies back to back.

  3. So many great projects (opportunities), so little time! Man, I wish Fincher were either immortal (best option), had a perfected ability for bilocation or any such powers as time bending — I agree I would love to see Fincher finishing up the Millennium trilogy. But what about RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA, THE DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY, 20,000 LEAGUES, CLEOPATRA, ...and not to forget: Oddly, maybe, but I would love to see more pop-corn stuff from Fincher as well, something of the SPIDERMAN caliber or a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

    Whatever Fincher will opt to do, I have the highest confidence it will be awesome. But then: Whatever he choses to do means chosing not to do some half-dozen other scripts. Argh! The dilemma!

    Let's see him get through "House of Cards" first. Cannot ever wait for more from Fincher...!

  4. David Fincher to direct UK commercials through Academy.
    Read story.

    And check out this somewhat funny interview of Mr Fincher during a interview (press for Panic room) for French tv.

  5. thanks, robert, I was totally in need of a fresh fix of Fincher news....

  6. Here are some more FF:)


    Read below.

    1. Exciting news! Thanks for all the links RP.