Set Pics: House Of Cards

So it's official! Fincher's next production, Netflix series "House of Cards", has launched and is now filming in Mount Vernon. The Baltimore Sun has an exclusive photogallery of set pics from the production — and we have only a couple of months to wait...

All hail Robert Paulson for his unending contributions! Thanks, Robert!
And, ah!, it's good to see Fincher back in the director's chair, ain't it?


  1. Yeah...Cool Stuff...Thank you Robert!

  2. Fincher... on television. I kinda like it.

    Cool seeing him working with Rooney's sis :)

  3. It's odd cause Kate looks kind of more healthy and fit than Rooney but why do I find Rooney tons sexier than her sissy??? Anyone else feel the same?

  4. Rooney is not 'obviously' sexy but when you stop for a second and take a closer look you will be blown away by her beauty :) There were moments in Dragon Tattoo when I was like 'Oh my God' She is so beautiful' ;)

    Now, Kate on those pics looks just hot :P

    Thanks for the nice update Robert!

  5. Agree, Kate Mara looks a lot hotter.

    And it is cool to see Fincher embrace the TV series format. I think this is because TV series have in the last decade become more about quality entertainment and mini-movies... or much longer movies spread out across a season that affords the director the possibility to develop characters much more in-depth than a 2 hour movie could.

    What I'd really like seeing, though, is Fincher directing commercials again, and seeing behind the scenes from that. There's just something about that format that intrigues me.

    1. Everyone: Do let me know if you run into the same problem Manny did - that you found you were unable to use the comment function. I just checked and as far as I can make out it should work just fine.

  6. Never had a problem with commenting here, and I guess if this shows up then it's working.

  7. And about the Mara sisters: Who gives a fuck who of them is hotter?

  8. I give a fuck!

    and as i can see i'm not the only one!