Fincher Talks Chinatown, Feature Length

"Screenwriter Robert Towne and director David Fincher sit down for an informative and interesting commentary that examines the many facets of this fascinating film. Topics include the simplicity and understated power of Polanski's direction, the movie's distinctive music, choice of aspect ratio, the performances of Nicholson, Dunaway, and Huston, and the myriad nuances and creative touches that distinguish the film and separate it from others in its class."

The film, of course, is Polanski's classic and Fincher favorite "Chinatown", and above quote comes from a review of the film's superb transfer to BluRay disc, now available and — with a Fincher audio commentary — a must-have for both the fans of the classic ...and the Fincher.

This way for a full review:

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  1. Yeah, I watched it. I stumbled upon a DVD few weeks ago, bought it just to listen to the commentary track ;) I will definitely upgrade to Blu-ray as soon as they will release it here.

    And the track is great, you can really feel that this is one of Fincher's favorite movies of all time. It's like the review says, he compliments pretty much every aspect of this production :) It is a must-listen (and watch) for every Fincher fan.

    My favorite quote:

    "...They did this in one take, which, of course... I hate.. just the notion of..."


    Oh, and no wonder he is the greatest director out there. He grew up in the golden age of movie making (the 70's ;) ). Surrounded by extraordinary movies... like Chinatown.

  2. *lol* at that Fincher quote!
    Thx Mikez.