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People, I apologize I have no time to put together a fancy post, but definitely want to share all these fantastic items that have started piling up in the inbox. No game changers, possibly, nothing revolutionary — but certainly some cool clicks, I hope you will enjoy. Thanks to all wonderful contributors, Philipp, Anna, Robert, Wendell!

Allow me to be brief:

And also, Craig Marks and Rob Tannenbaum's "I Want My MTV" book has a sh'tload of Fincher related quotes in it.

Among a countless number of quotes about working with, for, around, and aside Fincher — an invaluable insight into Fincher's early career and his rivalry with Michael bay —, the book claims that Fincher was hired to direct Patrick Swayze's "She's like the wind" — if true, certainly an interesting addition to what we know of Fincher's music videography.

The book dedicates a full chapter (#26) to David Fincher. You might want to check it out.

To give you an idea, here are some of the quotes:

PETER BARON: I played David Fincher the Aerosmith song “Janie’s Got a Gun,” which no one outside the offices had heard yet. I said, “David, I want you to do this video.” I pressed play again and he listened for a couple of minutes and said, “Okay, this is what we’re going to do. The first shot’s going to have yellow police tape, rippling in the wind . . .” He already had a visual of how to start the video.

BETH BRODAY: David Fincher walked into my office one day with his reel. He’d done a video for Rick Springfield. I could see he had a good feel. When I listened to him talk about filmmaking, I knew he was a star. I signed him on the spot. On the spot.

MICK KLEBER: I think I did the second-ever David Fincher video, for the Motels’ “Shame.” He grew up in northern California, lived a couple houses down from George Lucas, so as a young kid,he worked on Neverending Story. Look in the credits, you’ll see Dave Fincher in the visual effects department. I never saw anybody rehearse camera moves as much as he did. When you’re shooting models for Industrial Light & Magic, that’s what you do. You do it over and over, until you get it exactly right. Those videos for the Motels were very stylish.

JEAN-BAPTISTE MONDINO: For me, David Fincher was the boss. He was the one. When you have a small budget, you have less pressure, and you can feel more free. But David could deal with pressure and be as free as if he was dealing with a small budget. He was not afraid to embrace big shooting. And graphically, his videos were incredibly well done.

DOMINIC SENA: Michael Bay was the first guy beyond the original founders who was invited to join Propaganda. David Fincher and Michael were not each other’s biggest fans. David was not fond of Michael’s work. They were oil and water. They never spoke to each other. They were highly competitive and preferred not to associate. Which remains true to this day.

MEAT LOAF: I asked David Fincher to direct “Anything for Love.” I gave him the whole Beauty and the Beast premise, and Fincher said, “Ah, I love it.” And he gave me a budget of $2.3 million. I said, “I-I . . .” I stuttered. And he goes, “Let me try to rework the budget.” So he came back a few days later and gave me a budget of $1.7 million. I said, “David, we don’t have that kind of money.” And Fincher said, “Well then, get Michael Bay.” That’s the last time Michael Bay was the cheaper option.


  1. Great links! Love the quotes! Thanks everyone!

  2. Also love the quotes. So Fincher and Bay not the best of freinds.

    Wow..Who would have thought:)

  3. It's weird because most of this stuff happened so long ago. But I love reading quotes from other famous people about Fincher. Virtually all of them express so much respect and recognition for his talent. It does always amaze me how Fincher so much good work at such a young age.

    Thanks for the quotes, they're awesome!


  5. Bay used the Panic Room shot in Bad Boys II and also in Transformers 2...

    so I thought they must be good friends because it's such a signature shot

  6. Nah
    Bay s got no style!
    he s just taking money where it is!
    the american way !!

    and Fincher goes deeper!
    and darker!

  7. Hey, I'm the guy who uploaded the commentary track on YouTube and I've actually been a big fan of your site for a some time. If anyone's interested, I've uploaded all of Fincher's commentary tracks on my channel: grindhouse141.

    1. Any chance grindhouse141 for you to link up the commentary as a mp3 download?

      Would be great to listen to on the way to work ect..:)

    2. If you go to you can save YouTube videos as mp4 or mp3 files. Other sites are available too for such a purpose.

      grindhouse141 deserves a medal. Thank You.

    3. not all of his commentaries.

      there is a Fight Club commentary with only Fincher
      and there's the new Chinatown blu-ray.

    4. Yes, I have the multiple Fight Club and Se7en commentaries and I will be uploading them in the future. I know about the Chinatown commentary as well and I will be acquiring that one at some point.

  8. Those quotes are funny. I've personally witnessed Michael Bay and David Fincher forced to work together at Digital Domain, when Bay owned the company and they were doing Curious Case. It didn't seem like the easiest working relationship.