House Of Cards: Cast & Crew News

It's almost April! For a Fincher fan, doesn't that sound an aweful lot like: 'House of Cards' is just about to launch into production? — Yay! All rumored budgetary differences aside, Netflix' political drama series, headed by David Fincher and Kevin Spacey, is certainly gaining traction. And here are the latest additions to cast and crew.

Emmy-award winner Jeff Beal has just been announced as composer for the series, while Michael Gill (of 'Underworld: Awakening') as none less than POTUS himself.

Robert Paulson is the man, who is keeping us all updated, so please give him a hand. (Thanks Robert!)


  1. Yeah, thanks for all the links RP! I hate it when things get slow and we have to wait for months for another piece of genius from Fincher ;)

  2. His name is Robert Paulson, indeed!!

  3. in the dragon tattoo special features David said:
    'wait, I'm downloading porn.'


  4. Was a joke, nothing to even think about.