Earthquake Shaking "House Of Cards"?

David Fincher, who is executive producing the re-envisioning of BBC's 'House of Cards' for Netflix and MRC with his long-time collaborator Kevin Spacey, is rumored to have threatened to walk away from the production over budgetary differences.

As this story clearly is a rumor, and was also quickly dismissed by a spokesperson of the financiers, let's not read too much into it at this time. Production was originally set to begin some time around March or April, and is now delayed until April — but quite officially so, in order to accomodate Kevin Spacey's schedule.

On a positive note, the Hollywood Reporter piece suggests that meanwhile Fincher has signed on to direct the first two episodes of the series. Sounds good!

Here's the news (with thanks to all who sent this in):


  1. Is there any news yet on what Fincher's next film project is going to be? I am hoping he does 20 000 Leagues Under The Sea

  2. To my knowledge there are several projects on the table, for example "20,000 Leagues", "Cleopatra" and let's not forget the rest of the Millenium trilogy, and at least a part of the decision-making process seems to be whatever shakes out and comes about (in terms of a satisfying version of the screenplay, cast and crew commitments, studio backing and financing). I believe the latest rumor about a possible budgetary dispute over "House of Cards" illustrates rather well just how fragile and multilayered a film production is: They were pre-producing up until now, getting ready to start production this month — yet here they are (possibly) settling final negotiations over the budget. Likewise this probably happens with any other film project, where it's always a juggling act of countless parameters that all have to fall into place at the same time, including some of the aforementioned and probably many more.

    Personally I would love to see Fincher tackle "20,000 Leagues" simply because I want to see him explore more of his potential range as a filmmaker, and I have a sense that "Leagues", being a Disney film and all, is something we haven't seen from Fincher yet. But the same probably holds true for "Cleopatra"; or would hold true for an Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston rom-com. No, such a thing is not even rumored, just saying.

    I guess Fincher is one of the few filmmakers out there where it doesn't matter much to me what he opts for, as I have enough faith in his sensibilities and his standard of excellence that I will watch anything he choses to direct anyway.

    It sure is exciting what it will be...