Amazing TGWTDT BluRay/DVD Artwork!

+++ UPDATE 03/09/2012 +++
Thank you, Simon: Here's a trailer for the BluRay for "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". Makes you want to spend all your money and get it right now, and then borrow more money from friends to get it again. LMETFY*

It's is simply stunning, how Fincher and his collaborators keep coming up with this amazing stuff: Big thanks to contributor-of-honor Robert Paulson, you may treat yourself to an irresistible first look of the "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" BluRay / DVD Combo pack due for US-release March 20 2012.

Technicals specs aside, the design of the BluRay box sticks closely to the design and feel of the theatrical poster we have seen. But the piece of pure ingenuity is this: The film's DVD copy made to look like a DVD-rip burned to recordable disc.

That's what I call in keeping with a hacker story. — Brilliant.

Huge thanks, Robert, for your tireless efforts. We all owe you, you are fantastic!

All preview pics here:

+++ UPDATE +++
* let me embed that for you


  1. Well at least I can drool over the packaging...
    just to confirm for any European Blu-ray people the US release is Region A locked. So unless you have a multi-region player this disc will not play. The previously posted back cover is wrong, the disc has been tested and is not multi-region.

  2. Damn, I was going to ask about the region-code issue but you more than dissatisfyingly answered it. Thanks anyway.

  3. Yeah... too bad it's region A only :( Oh well, I'll have to wait for the Polish release, which means it probably won't have the DVD copy :( But I could always make something very similar looking ;) j/k.

    Awesome looking set! The design of the DVD disc has this specific Fincher sense of humour to it ;)

    Thanks for the link RP!

  4. Good news, hopefully.
    Strangely, the disc of documentaries (4 hours worth) is region free. So I will be able to immerse myself in Fincher's creation. And listen to the commentary on the Region 1 DVD.

    See here for first full review ~

  5. I just received mine today.
    I've just skimmed the supplements but it is an awesome package. Literally. It was all I could do to not watch the whole damn thing right now. (I'm saving my total immersion for the weekend!)
    The stuff on Salander alone is priceless, including the shitty camera phone material that Fincher shot in August 2010 of Rooney in character on the streets and subway of LA. Rooney Mara is very funny on the casting process; she and a friend went to see the Swedish version during the casting and after the film her friend asked 'So which role are you up for?' Rooney says 'the Girl' and her friend bursts out laughing saying 'You can't play that'. Rooney says 'well fuck you, I can do anything I want'
    All the interviews are filmed straight to camera, with a stark black backdrop, which seems more fitting than the all white way that David Prior employed for 'Zodiac' and 'The Social Network'.
    Masses of detailed on-set footage, which I just peeked at. Including probably the nearest we'll get to deleted scenes - whole scenes that were re-written and re-staged elsewhere. Like the scene where she reveals she has dirt on Wennerstrom and does Blomkvist want it, even though it's tainted. Here we see it being shot on the steps of the Vanger mansion. Later it was moved to Blomkvist's cottage. Cute.
    Just to reassure trailer junkies who were worried - the supplements do contain trailers - 4 in all. There is the red-band teaser, finally in glorious 1080p, the 3m45s theatrical trailer, the 1m trailer with Salander getting the ankle tattoo, and the 2m international trailer. No 8m extended trailer that I could find.
    The only previously listed piece that I couldn't locate was 'Mondo Mondino' the featurette on the promotional photographic work of Jean-Baptiste Mondino, which I was looking forward to even though it's only a couple of minutes long. It doesn't appear to be in the 'Promotional' section. I'm sure it'll turn up eventually.
    The visual graphic design of the thing is sublime. You are akin to Salander going through old archives. Each documentary title is either typed, printed or hand scrawled on vintage library cards, faded documents, torn tape, yelowing notes, etcetera. With an accompanying array of appropriate 'archive-y' sounds mixed in with the washes of Reznor/Ross material.
    My blu-ray discs had different images from the ones previously posted. One has wintery trees, the other has the nightvision security camera shot of Salander.The 'DVD-R' is similar, though not identical. Different pics in each set? Impressive. And pricey.
    Lots and lots to look forward to!

  6. Here is the Sony trailer for the Blu-ray ~!

    Apologies; I don't know how to make it clickable!

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