The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Screenplay

In a push for recognition for its screenwriter Steve Zaillian, Sony Pictures now provides an official download of the screenplay for "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".

From the brief glance that I have given it, it becomes obvious that while this draft of the script is very close to the final film, some lines of dialogue and some scene descriptions aren't quite identical. At some point, possibly upon release of the BluRay, this should make for a nice subject matter to give further consideration: To see where the film diverges from its screenplay material, as an indication of what Fincher added to the on paper directions.

Huge thanks to Thiago for contributing.
Download PDF of the screenplay here:


  1. Finally. I have seen the movie ;)

    I enjoyed every second of it. I have not read the books nor have I seen the Swedish movies, so the story and characters were all new and fresh to me.

    Rooney Mara. Just... Wow. WOW! Incredible performance. Daniel Craig was also great, he should be given more credit for his role in this movie. Totally enjoyed his character.

    Now to the story. It was a great thriller, I was captivated from start to finish. It's such a complex story, with all those supporting characters, to show it all so that everyone in the audience knows what's going on and is entertained at the same time... it really takes a master. Once again Fincher proves that he has no match when it comes to thrillers. And the confrontation with the main bad guy... this is what I call the edge of your seat stuff! Genius!

    Now to some technical stuff. Cinematography is beautifl, incredible mood. There are some jaw dropping shots... as usual ;) The music fits perfectly, I'm gonna listen to the soundtrack today ;) The sound is incredible... I can't describe it, there's always this sense of being there with the characters. This is Oscar stuff IMO.

    I'm going to finish with the opening titles sequence :) It was absolutely incredible. One of the best ever when it comes to Fincher works.

    Can't wait tot see this movie again... and again.

  2. Nice to read your little review:) Glad you loved the movie as much as I did. I`m sure it helped alot that you came in with a fresh view and had not seen the other movie.

    Seen it 3 times now, and can`t wait for the bluray, with I`m sure(hope) will contain some great documentary like S.Network did.

    Favorite scene has to be Mara and Craig in the bed after all the action. And with the best melodi of the OST (Track 10 One Particular Moment) the scene just is amazing.

    Enjoy the score tonight:)

  3. Seeing it in 4K next Monday. Really anxious, hope Fincher has crafted something more than a perfect work of art.

  4. Gould, I have a feeling you're going to love it. It's very entertaining perfect work of art :)

  5. @ Robert Paulson

    My favorite scenes:

    When Henrik (Great Christopher Plummer) first introduces Mikael to the story of Harriet. This scene is the exapmle of perfect movie storytelling. Everything works there, editing (the flashbacks), music, sound.

    Second scene will be Lisbeth's revenge on the guy who rapded her. Brutal and disturbingly satisfying that the guy got what he deserved.

    Third, I already mentioned before. It's the confrontation with the main bad guy. It has incredible build up and suspense.

    I listend to the score last night and wow... it is VERY good. So many layers of great sounds. In the cinema I was too preoccupied with the story so I didn't hear the music :P But that's a good thing the best scores are the ones you can't hear while watching the movie ;)

  6. Thanks for linking the script. it's interesting to see how the dialogue changed and how funny some moments read on paper. for instance in salanger's opening scene in the script you have attached, after being probed about blomkvist personal life she replies that he likes "sandwiches." i believe in the final film version she says that he sometimes performs Cunnilingus on his co-editor, but not often enough in her opinion. gotta love the fincher spin! im looking forward to an expansive behind the scenes on the blue ray that documents the script workshopping they did. i'm very curious to see how fincher directs mara.

  7. Good article on the making of TGWTDT from "The Hollywood reporter Magazine" Read below.

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  8. LOVE IT! I'm a fan of Fincher works its unique and special. Everything was great Rooney excelent!

  9. smudged their judgment and made them quick to hurry out and get those tattoo plans that they saw or thought up and afterward attempting to depict it to the creator. Without a doubt not the most quick witted thing to do.