Dragon Tattoo Title Sequence & Sound Design

Tattoo's making of start popping up everywhere now. Beginning with the impressive opening credit sequence and sound design.

I have not seen the movie yet so I'll keep this for later but if you don't mind spoiling the surprise take a look at these :

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound and Music of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

Thanks to Mikez for the info.

io9 exclusive look at the title sequence here.


  1. Really a good feature on the score and sound.

    Also check Fincher being super nice to fans in Paris.


  2. How come you haven't seen the film yet? Just curious.

  3. Check out my article at Cultural Transmogrifer Magazine on Fincher's Lisbeth.


  4. Is that a flash cut I see before me? At 1m45s a reverse negative image of the pierced nipple pops up. Presumably to conclude the "vignette" about Lisbeth's mother being punched by Lisbeth's father, the blood spraying onto the child Lisbeth, a static shot of the child is flash cut with Lisbeth now, and then the pierced nipple. Very cool.

    If you can, Gould, I would strongly urge you to try and see a 4K digital projection of the film. The Sony Pro website will allow you to find 4K equipped theatres in your area.
    I've seen it twice at 2K and twice at 4K, and the difference is breathtaking. You are basically seeing exactly what Fincher saw in his post production suite. Sublime.

  5. Simon thanks for the advice!

    Mike thanks for the link.

    Anonymous not everyone lives in the U.S ;-)

  6. Thanks for these amazing additions, guys. The title sequence is breathtaking, it, in itself, is worth buying the ticket if you ask me. I was lucky enough to watch the German premiere in a 4K projection and the titles blew my mind; the look; the editing; the music -- it's extremely powerful. A great start to a great movie!

  7. Just read this over at Indiewire. This is just depressing if it happens.

    Sony Officially Plans To Make 'Dragon Tattoo' Sequels, But David Fincher Is Looking To Direct '20,000 Leagues' Instead.

    read it here.


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  9. Do you guys love everything Fincher does?? The titles are shit. Look at the comments on IOS9...

  10. I honestly don't see how a bunch of comments on IOS9 'prove' your point that the titles are shit. So you didn't like them? Who cares. I did.

  11. The comments do not prove anything, but they illustrate quite well under what bubble you guys on fincherfanatic live. Everything your great master does is glorified, it seems as if you're blinded to criticism and reign down on it whenever it comes up. This just proves what happens here if you post anything negative... which makes me not want to come back. It's boring. It's repetitive and full of wannabe director fanboys who defend every shit that comes out this director's *ss. I'm out of here. Yeah I know, you won't miss me, don't bother telling me - I won't read it anymore. Go on living in a bubble.

  12. @ Robert Paulson

    I have to tell you that I will be more surprised if he decides to direct the sequels ;)



    Are they trying to apologise for the mistake they made last year or what? ;)

  13. They might be Mikez:)

    So here is a interesting story for all of us who is living in a Fincher "bubble",according to someone:)

    Carey Mulligan Says She Went Through Three Rounds Of Auditions For 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'

    Read the story here:


  14. I love the title sequence, no idea how some people get so worked up over it. It's a frikken title sequence for a frikken movie, get over it. The look is stunning, definitely haven't seen this anywhere before. I see the argument that the ultra-stylish CG look isn't reflected in the film lateron, but that's just as true for every other title sequence out there. I'm really glad Fincher chose to include it, as it gives Trent's cover of the 'Immigrant Song' a great spotlight. So maybe I'm a crazed fanboy. But I thought it was fantastic.

  15. Here is another MKV trailer to your collection. Courtesy of Shrubz @ Movie-List.com ;)

    http://bit.ly/zurpyC (right-click, save as)

    As usual the quality is amazing.

    1. Thanks Mikez. Good quality indeed:)

      Also for us Fincher fans. He has done a commentary on the forthcoming blu ray release of "Chinatown"
      Details below.
      Commentary with Robert Towne and David Fincher— Towne and Fincher offer unique insights into this classic film.


    2. Oh, that's great! Thanks for the info :)

  16. Here is a link to a slightly better quality version of the title sequence ~ http://vimeo.com/34920624 ~ I found this HD version had less artifacting and pixelisation than on the prior HD video. You can really notice it on the fire against blackness shots, if you watch it on a good size monitor. The finite shadings of black on black are also better rendered. Yes, I am obsessed with this thing!

    Plus some brief bts clips ~ http://vimeo.com/34968439