Fincher Weekend Showdown

'Dragon Tattoo' is finally diving in like a boss. We have news items exploding left and right, and it's already hard to keep track. I'm sure we can stay tuned for some surprise vfx featurettes soon -- as usual of near-invisible fx-work that will make your jaw drop -- and of course there will be more hype, more lights, more glory for the cast and crew. All well and good. Here's what we have so far, all decently wrapped up for the weekend...

"So, it's 'F U C -'? Can you spell that for me?"

...and call it what you will, remake, re-envisioning, re-adaptation: You know this trailer was made exclusively for the totally awesome-at-heart:


  1. great compilation of links. thanks.

  2. Jesus! Just went through all of it and took me 21 minutes... Cool stuff. Thanks.