Fincher Film School: The Game

"There's a lot to be learned from focusing in on an isolated sequence and breaking down the camera direction and visual grammar of the scene. That was our intention with the blog anyway," is what filmmaker Cassidy Gearhart has to say of his film studies blog 'Studies and Exercises'.

While Gearhart and fellow filmmaker Julian King's blog features many interesting examples of cinematic storytelling, from directors Stanley Kubrick, Robert Altmann, Ingmar Bergman and many others, I have chosen Gearhart's examination of the airport scene from David Fincher's 1997 "The Game" -- as a perfect illustration of where the fincherfanatic blog's new Fincher Film School section could be heading: In-depth, thorough, informative and inspiring analysis of Fincher's cinematic craft.

Do make sure to check out Gearhart's and King's other 'studies and exercises', as well as theiroriginal works.

...and head this way for a shot-by-shot tableau of said airport scene of "The Game".


  1. Great new section!

    Interesting in depth review here :

  2. So basically this study of The Game is just film analysis, the kind we do every day in University. What's disappointing is that you can't really learn anything from it.

  3. "anything"? too strong a word.

    that scene breakdown is well done. slicing fincher's layout on camera set-ups, angle level etc.
    with some timing table addition, it would have been quite a sharp deconstruction of characters' physical psychology. a director's job...

    ...101, maybe, for you, every day in university. but it's very good synaptic push-ups for the rest of us, tiny mortals.


  5. Thanks, this was really helpful!